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I use two VPN services (I’m not getting a commission for sharing their links): 1. Privatoria – a Czech-based service that does not log traffic or data.Strong VPN – a US-based service that I use for basic protection in public wifi and also when I need an American IP address to access certain media sites. I paid for the service using bitcoin without giving my email or name, meaning that unless they try to track my public bitcoin address, which I change frequently, it will be incredibly difficult for them to know who I am.It helps that intense competition among VPN networks has greatly lowered costs to just a few dollars a month.A VPN is merely a middleman server that encrypts and conceals all web activity to and from your computer.When you visit any web site, a log on that server will record your VPN’s IP address, not your local IP address that is connected to your home router.Being connected to a VPN offers a layer of additional protection in that your actual IP address is not stored across internet servers to be later exposed in hacking or malware attacks.These are the 5 Eye countries: If you live in any of the fourteen countries listed above, that means there is infrastructure and organization in place to directly track your web traffic.

If you want the full benefit of using a VPN in terms of anonymity and security, you need a VPN that has the follow features: Even if you have a bulletproof VPN, keep in mind that you can still be identified through browser fingerprinting.This means that using a VPN offers a of solid protection, but it does not protect you completely.It’s similar to using a condom during sex with a promiscuous club girl.While ROK will probably never be labeled a “terrorist misogynist organization,” using a VPN is just good internet practice that reduces your risk of being singled out for some kind of hack or government attack no matter how bad the cultural winds get.If they want to get you then they will, but let’s make it a harder for them to know you’re even online.

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Analytics software hosted on most web sites like Google Analytics can also help identity you.

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